Working at Refined Search

We believe that everyone is part of the same team at Refined Search. We treat our employees as adults, so no calling targets or BD sessions, just a trust in you to do your job properly.

We won’t ask you to wear a suit and we won’t tell you to start work at a particular time.

Creating a collaborative environment without internal competition is core to our philosophy. We don’t operate in silos, but as one team where support and guidance are easy to find. We have a flat structure and encourage all employees to be involved in the full lifecycle of mandates, so no more delivering searches for more experienced colleagues and them receiving all the credit!

We believe that equity helps create that collaborative, mature working environment which is why 50% of our employees have earned equity in Refined Search — we would love that figure to be 100%.

If you dream of running your own business and lifestyle within the support and infrastructure of an established search firm, or if you want to be treated fairly based on your performance and delivery, rather than the number of years you have worked in a role, then Refined Search could be the right home for you.